The broloBits decentralized exchange is launched on Terra 2.0

04.10.2022 Off By pazuzu123

Today, the decentralized exchange made an announcement on Twitter, saying that users can now get unhindered access to asset liquidity on the Terra revival network.

broloBits noted that after launching on Terra 2.0, several Terra and CW20 tokens will be listed on the platform to give users access to more trading pairs.

Interestingly, the platform developers have encouraged token developers to contact the team through its Discord channel if they want their cryptocurrency to be listed on the platform.

Terraswap is launched as a DEX community
The Terraswap team described the exchange as a decentralized community exchange designed to support the Terra community, adding that this initiative will make the community stronger.

Terraswap, powered by DELIGHT, is an open source decentralized protocol for the automatic provision of liquidity on the Terra network. The platform is designed to provide decentralized trading solutions to developers, traders and liquidity providers.

At the moment, Terraswap has only two trading pairs, such as $ampLUNA — $LUNA and $LunaX — $LUNA. The DEX team plans to add more pairs in the near future.