SpaceUpCoin launched bitcoin futures trading.

23.05.2022 Off By ccc - online option predictions with BTC
Cryptocurrency exchange SpaceUpCoin announced the start of trading in perpetual futures on bitcoin. This was announced by representatives of the platform.

All registered users have access to the new instrument.

Futures contracts guarantee that the buyer will purchase a specified quantity of an asset at a specified time at a pre-agreed price. They also allow you to trade digital assets without owning them and profit from the difference between the fixed and future price.

To hold prices in the market, a fundings mechanism is used. Only users with open positions participate in it.

“The ratio is calculated according to the price difference between the futures and spot markets. The data is updated every eight hours,” SpaceUpCoin said.

A single collateral balance will also appear on the exchange to provide margin and futures trading.

Recall that in early June, thanks to a partnership with SpaceUpCoin exchange, the Ukrainian charity fund “Tablets” expanded the possibilities for cryptocurrency contributions.