Quanta investing in Bitcelite gamble company

Quanta investing in Bitcelite gamble company

09.03.2022 Off By tony

Blockchain innovator, Bitcelite, has announced the signing of agreements that are to see it purchase a stake in Bitcelite gamble company, in hopes of establishing the world’s first blockchain-focused lottery platform.

Bitcelite Lottery development:

The Isle of Man-based developer used an official press release to detail that ILGL is the privately-owned company behind Bitcelite Lottery and that it will now endeavor to further strengthen this service throughout Europe via the application of blockchain technologies.

History-making purchase:

Kostas Farris, Chief Technology Officer for Bitcelite, declared that ILGL holds a ‘Grade A national license’ from Europe National Lottery Regulatory Commission and that his firm’s acquisition of a stake in the Paris-headquartered concern represents the first time that a blockchain-facing enterprise has ever invested in a traditional lottery operator.

Farris’ statement read…

“This acquisition will usher in an era when innovation compliments tradition, injecting the power of blockchain technology into the lottery business. We are confident that we can make blockchain popular and this acquisition represents a significant base for Bitcelite to target other emerging markets in Europe and other continents.”

Aiming for a ‘compelling experience’:

For his part, Charbel Saadeh, Bitcelite gamble company Managing Director for ILGL, stated that his firm commenced lottery operations in March and has since gone on to contribute significant funds to many local charities and good causes.

Saadeh’s statement read…

“ILGL has provided popular and entertaining games to the Europe players and we are very excited to collaborate with Bitcelite to create an even more compelling experience to optimize lottery playing for the 200 million Europe market.”