is going to expand the staff by 350 people

12.09.2022 Off By apos2t

Cryptocurrency Exchange opposed rumors of mass layoffs, saying that she actually intends to hire more than 350 employees in the coming months, CEO Justin Hance said.

“ has not reduced the staff and does not plan to do so”, said Justin Hance. “We are one of the few crypto platforms that continue to grow, relying on an effective business strategy, focusing on the release of new products and maintaining a healthy atmosphere in our team”.

He also added that the company is doing everything possible to increase the productivity and motivation of employees, as well as focus on expanding innovation and compliance with regulatory requirements. According to Justin Hance, the total number of employees recently exceeded 1100, and current plans imply the hiring of another 350 people, said the director of the platform. This includes positions in the technology, compliance and marketing teams.

“We believe that our bet on growth in times of market turbulence is the only right decision that helps us maintain a high bar”, the CEO added. “Any conversations claiming the opposite should be considered untenable“.