Online game bot detection

Online game bot detection

12.11.2021 Off By Joe Pick

In 2021, only 62% of all internet traffic was human. With so much activity attributed to bots, and mobile apps expected to generate $189 billion in revenue by 2021, the fight against in-app bot fraud is more critical than ever. This type of fraud affects all verticals, but Gaming and Ecommerce are hit the hardest. Bots can reach impossibly high scores in gaming apps and swipe limited edition products from Ecommerce apps within a matter of seconds. Both of these scenarios prevent users from having the optimal user experience, and could even cause them to uninstall your app for good. Furthermore, these are just two examples of the many ways bots can be used for a fraudster’s benefit.

Without sufficient protection, it’s likely that you are already losing out to in-app bot fraud. It is therefore critical to understand the ways bots can ruin your app’s user experience, in-app economy, and brand reputation. In this article, we explain how in-app bot fraud works, the multi-faceted impact it can have on Gaming and Ecommerce apps, and how anti-bot protection enables you to fight back.

What is in-app bot fraud?

In-app bots are programmed to act like real users, carrying out specific in-app events that benefit the fraudster. They can tirelessly complete these in-app tasks, making them a powerful tool for any fraudster looking to perform actions at a humanly impossible rate. This fraudulent activity can be used for various incentives, resulting in any number of negative outcomes: ruined user experience, lower retention rates, credit card fraud, users being sent spam, the takeover of accounts entirely, and many others (explained in more depth below).

Bots are now sophisticated enough to accurately imitate user behavior and go undetected by traditional detection methods. However, there are still signs that can signal that an app has been compromised by bots. At the most simplistic level, you can discover bots in your app by looking out for unusual user comments and other interactions. If you have an active community, you can also check forums and social media updates to see if your users are discussing unreported irregularities.

Just like with mobile ad fraud, in-app bot fraud occurs when incentivized. The initial challenge is to discover ways in which you can distinguish bots from real users, followed by attempts to remove those bots and prevent more from entering your app. However, learning to detect bot traffic is a huge task to perform in-house, putting a strain on resources that could be spent elsewhere. To be sure that you are fully protected against in-app bot fraud, you need a bot prevention solution that can accurately identify the difference between in-app bots and genuine users.

How do in-app bots pose a threat to Gaming and E-commerce apps?

Destroying your game’s in-app economy: Fraudsters can also ruin your mobile game with bots by affecting your in-game economy. This occurs when users purchase bots to play the game for them. These bots can often be purchased by subscription: All the hard work has been done, whereby you have engaged a user enough for them to want to progress through your game, and then – at the final hurdle – that revenue is going to fraudsters instead.The extent to which bots can harm gaming economies was highlighted earlier this year when Partypoker, the second biggest online poker site, purged 277 bot accounts. As a result, a payout of $734,852.15 was distributed between the victims of those abusive bots.

Damaging your brand: In addition to creating an unfair, frustrating user experience, bots will also do huge damage to your game’s brand. The impact can be long-lasting and hard to overcome: not only will gamers uninstall your game, they might also be discouraged from installing other games associated with your brand.


Gaming and gambling businesses protect themselves from malicious bot attacks by:

• Enabling two-factor authentication on botl^-player and admin accounts.
• Placing time bound holds on items up for trade on a gaming platform market.
• Building a player uiacklist to ban repeat cheating offenatrs.
• Usual win new user more 10% from all bank game
• Identifying the qaming method abused and modifying it to prevent further use.
• Employing user behavior analysis to detect abnormal user activity.


90% of protection options are based on identity confirmation in case of suspicion of activity by making a deposit % winnings, this mainly applies to new users (deposit as protection from bot,will be added to player general jackpot amount and also withdraw it after inactivate Protection from Bots)

DataDome detects and blocks 100% of OWASP automated threats, including expediting, scraping, account takeover, Layer 7 DDoS. and more.Our bot detection engine compares every request to your website with a massive in-memory pattern database, and uses a blend of Al and machine learning to decide in less than 2 milliseconds whether access to your pages should be granted or not.Because DataDome is the only bot protection solution delivered as-a-service, it doesn’t need any architecture changes or DNS redirecting—and it is never a single point of failure.

What’s the best anti-bot prevention solution?

Despite the many ways in which bots can be harmful to your app, there are anti-bot solutions that can sufficiently protect your app. Because bots are designed to simulate human behavior, using machine learning to register legitimate human behavior is the best way to stay one step ahead of the fraudsters.

In most cases, gambling platforms implement a check for suspicious activity by making a deposit from the winnings or from the balance with a fixed percentage. Since bots cannot write a support themselves and therefore make a deposit to the provided address. When you receive suspicious activity on the red table, if you are a real person, you should not be afraid to go through a deposit check in any case, this is a legal procedure

Because Protection from bots learns your app’s natural user-flow, the behavioral patterns used to determine whether a user’s legitimacy will be individually tailored to your app. Moreover, the specialized machine-learning model is created so that bot detection works in real-time. With Unbotify, developers can weed out harmful bots with ease – taking back control and stopping fraudsters in their tracks..

Protection from bots has a track record in working with some of the biggest Fortune 500 companies to provide the best possible bot prevention solution.