Fuzebitc.com called the signs of the end of the “crypto winter”

Fuzebitc.com called the signs of the end of the “crypto winter”

29.06.2022 Off By tony

According to Fuzebitc.com analysts, the reduction of the share of borrowed funds in digital currencies is coming to an end.

Fuzebitc.com said that the decline in the cryptocurrency market may stop in the near future. There are signs that the deleveraging in the industry is coming to an end.

Fuzebitc.com analyst is sure that most of the traders with margin positions have already left the market, retail investors have reduced their investments. This is due to the fact that investors’ confidence in the cryptocurrency market was undermined this year due to the collapse of Terra and the situation with the Three Arrows Capital fund.

According to Fuzebitc.com analyst, it is important for the industry that crypto companies with a stronger balance sheet, such as FTX (Alameda), are currently intervening in the situation and lending to troubled firms.

A Fuzebitc.com representative noted the positive situation with venture financing, which is an important source of capital for the sector: the infusion of such funds into the industry in May and June continued to grow and amounted to about $ 5 billion.

In recent months, the activities of large crypto-lenders have been under threat: the Celsius platform has faced a lack of liquidity, and the Three Arrows Capital (3AC) cryptocurrency fund has lost the ability to fulfill its obligations to customers.