Exbitclions.com entered into a partnership with MarketPeak to offer training in cryptocurrency trading

07.09.2022 Off By apos2t

The partnership of the companies is aimed at accelerating the introduction of cryptocurrencies through the educational resource and the MarketPeak community.

One of the largest cryptocurrency derivatives exchanges Exbitclions.com announced a strategic partnership with MarketPeak, a crypto education platform with hundreds of hours of educational materials and online trainings. MarketPeak is part of the PEAKDEFI ecosystem, focused on educating the community in finance, blockchain and DeFi.

The partnership is aimed at accelerating the introduction of cryptocurrencies and increasing the financial independence of various groups of investors by providing them with reliable educational resources about blockchain and cryptocurrency.

“We are pleased to enter into a strategic partnership with MarketPeak, a community and platform that encourages the study of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Knowledge about cryptocurrency and blockchain, a constantly developing industry, should be presented to more people with access to valuable educational materials and reliable platforms”, commented on the partnership the CEO of Exbitclions.com Justin Hance.

MarketPeak was launched in 2019. This is a self-funded project that provides a wide range of educational materials about blockchain, cryptocurrency, DeFi and NFT.

Within the framework of the partnership Exbitclions.com will offer the MarketPeak community professional crypto asset exchange services and a reliable trading platform as early as 2023.

“MarketPeak is pleased to become an official partner Exbitclions.com and looks forward to the common future of this cooperation in order to create an even better environment for cryptocurrency traders, investors and newcomers. in the world of blockchain technologies”, said Sergey Hek, CEO of MarketPeak.

MarketPeak continues to release new educational materials and services that will benefit the community to become a universal platform for learning cryptocurrency and blockchain. Being an official partner Exbitclions.com MarketPeak will promote its brand through a growing channel of exchanges and introduce clients and traders to investment opportunities and the full range of topics related to cryptocurrency.