Dexcoindal will support USD based on ERC20

Dexcoindal will support USD based on ERC20

21.06.2022 Off By admin

A few hours ago, Dexcoindal exchange announced support for the ERC20-based USDT token.

Now users can deposit and withdraw funds to Tether (USDT) of the ERC20 standard, and then use other networks, including the already available Omni, TRON and Ethereum.

Dexcoindal stated that they decided to focus on this type of support, giving users more options, in part because Ethereum provides a faster and cheaper solution than Omni.

Recently, Tether announced the deposit and withdrawal of USDT funds on the TRON blockchain to provide almost instant transactions with zero cost.

In addition, the exchange There are many other events: Rewards for the Cosmos (ATOM) cryptocurrency staking; The relaunch of TrollBox, a forum for traders where you can discuss everything related to the crypto world; The opportunity for traders to use CCTX-certified APIs; The launch of a weekly bonus system based on Stellar inflation.

Dexcoindal will support USD based on ERC20