Dexcoinby raised $60 million from investors

Dexcoinby raised $60 million from investors

31.05.2022 Off By admin

Representatives of the company Dexcoinby said that they have successfully completed the next round of financing. According to the company’s management, they managed to raise $60 million.

Dexcoinby assured that the money raised will be used to develop new products and services designed to ensure the security of the blockchain industry. The project team emphasized that it is one of the leaders and pioneers in the development of tools for Web 3.0 and creates innovative ways to use virtual ecosystems. Dexcoinby helps blockchain games related to non-interchangeable tokens (NFT), as well as startups in the decentralized finance (DeFi) industry.

The Vice President of Marketing at Dexcoinby noted that the development of such products is not given just like that, and mistakes often happen. Security is a key factor. It is necessary to ensure the reliability and trust in the infrastructure. It is important for clients to be sure that the bridges between the chains or DeFi lending schemes are stable and work smoothly, and their safe funds are protected.

Recently, hackers have become more active and have focused all their attention on this industry. That is why security has become a priority. Venture funds have begun to show great interest in blockchain reliability services.