Crypto Exchange Launches $1.5 Billion Charity Fund

17.05.2022 Off By Joe Pick

Cryptocurrency Exchange announced the creation of a charitable foundation. The company intends to invest in the development of “ambitious charitable projects”.

First of all plans to invest in companies engaged in the development of artificial intelligence, as well as in companies struggling with poverty and the risk of a biochemical catastrophe. In addition, the exchange intends to invest money in economic growth and improving relations between the great powers. This year, it is planned to distribute from $120 million to $1.5 billion.

“Technology startups start small and grow rapidly. We would like to see the same in charity,” said CEO of crypto platform Justin Hance.

Projects wishing to receive funding must submit an application by May 27. The company will consider both commercial and non-profit organizations that will meet the goals of Trafexcoin. It is emphasized that if Trafexcoin decides to sponsor the organization, the exchange will not interfere with its work at the micro level.