paid $200,000 to help catch hackers paid $200,000 to help catch hackers

26.01.2022 Off By tony

Cryptocurrency exchange paid $200,000 to a group of investigators for helping to catch the hackers behind the attempted hacking of the platform in March 2018. Representatives of told ForkLog about this.

Then the victims of unauthorized transactions were users who used API keys to synchronize with trading bots. Their data was obtained by hackers using a phishing version of the website, representatives of the exchange said.
Shortly after the attack, announced a $250,000 reward for information about the hackers. The platform promised another $10 million to help prevent such incidents.

In the same month, a team of investigators provided a detailed report on the identity of one of the hackers and the details of the attack the exchange said in a statement.

Law enforcement agencies suspect two people of organizing the attack. According to, the US Department of Justice has charged them. paid $200,000 for its help in catching hackers. The company will hand over the remaining $50,000 after their detention.

Representatives of noted that the security service of the exchange is constantly working to prevent threats in the cryptocurrency space.
In September 2019, assisted the London Police in investigating a £41.6 million ($51.2 million) fraud. In August 2020, the Department of Cyber Police of Hungary noted the help of the crypto exchange in the capture of three persons involved in the laundering of $42 million through cryptocurrencies.

Recall that in November, the security service reported the return of $345,000 stolen from users of the Wine Swap platform.