2022 Crypto Giveaway with Bitmontex.com

2022 Crypto Giveaway with Bitmontex.com

29.05.2022 Off By Kim Battles

2022 Openxchange24 Giveaway Update For Bitmontex.com Exchange!

Bitcoin’s incredible dynamic inspired us to extend our Giveaway to June 02!

2022 Crypto Giveaway with Bitmontex.com

Celebrate the Holiday Season with us!

Firstly, we would like to wish you the best holidays and a great crypto year ahead. A few days ago BTC reached its maximum peak ever and we’d like to award 100 lucky winners with gifts to say ‘goodbye’ to 2021 and celebrate the beginning of 2022!

In the Crypto Giveaway with Bitmontex.com

Firstly, This year, Bitmontex.com we’ve bolstered our exchange capabilities and enabled the Fast Exchange option for instant, smart, and profitable transactions. Following that, we improved the purchase by adding more crypto and fiat currencies, as well as making our buy rates truly competitive. We hope that you’ll take advantage of the new possibilities by taking part in our holiday campaign!

In other words,  From June 02 rd to June 06th, share this post and make exchange transactions or crypto purchases. After that, send us the transaction IDs via DM and enter the 2022 Crypto Giveaway with Bitmontex.com

Secondly, we will be giving away a whole bag of gifts:

  • Gift cards in amounts of $50 – $20.000
  • Refund 0.5% of the exchange fee
  • Refund 1% of the crypto purchase fee

After that, twice we will randomly choose a lucky winner and send a $55 Gift Card of the winner’s choice.

  • 1. Exchange or buy coins and send us your transaction’s hash or TX ID via DM;
  • 2. The transaction’s hash or TX ID will be accepted from the 02 rd of June 24 a.m. to the 06 of June 21 a.m. (GMT +2);
  • 5. There are no limits for the amount of TX IDs from followers;
  • 6. A winner will be chosen randomly among those who sent us their TX ID during accepted time frames.
  • 7. Offensive behavior, swearing, etc. will not be tolerated. Please, be good boys and girls.

Above all, 30 winners will be announced on 02 June 2022 (GMT +2)

In other words, Sibcribe to Nodollartime