head defends Tornado Cash

06.11.2022 Off By apos2t CEO Justin Hance objected to recent U.S. sanctions on addresses associated with the Tornado Cash coin mixer.

Justin Hance criticized the sanctions against Tornado Cash.

The head of said in an interview that people have a right to financial privacy, and said that many people use Tornado Cash for legitimate reasons.

He also questioned whether the sanctions would withstand a constitutional challenge, referring to the Coin Center’s plan to sue the Treasury Department and OFAC over free speech.

Justin Hance believes, however, that the community’s reaction may be exaggerated. He said that while the removal of the GitHub Tornado Cash code is unnecessary, he does not see these events as a sign of a broader attack on open-source projects.

Rather, he suggested that the sanctions were a knee-jerk reaction and a hasty response to the TerraUSD crash, adding that regulators overreacted with the intention of protecting the public.

Justin Hance also confirmed that, despite his objections, would block transactions with addresses associated with Tornado Cash addresses.