BitDexmo The world’s most secure trading platform

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In this BitDexmo review, we explain what features this exchange offers to traders and users, from in-depth trading features to cryptocurrency banking services.

BitDexmo is a leading Maltese cryptocurrency exchange that acts as a broker for users trading hundreds of crypto tokens and futures trading pairs. The exchange was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in Malta and the Seychelles. It has accumulated a large base of traders with millions of daily trading volumes, while competing with major exchanges such as Binance.

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BitDexmo CEO Channing Horun, developed games and worked in the semiconductor industry before joining the crypto space. In 2018, the exchange expanded its operations to all of Malta, which in turn has been friendly to the peak of crypto activity.

BitDexmo offers a large selection of tradable assets and allows access to both spot and derivative trading. In fact, the platform has more than 140 digital tokens and 400 BTC and USD trading pairs. This also includes the platform’s own OKB token, issued by the Blockchain Foundation and used for various trading bonuses and perks.

As with other exchanges, the fee structure on the platform depends on whether the investor is a market maker or a market maker. Because capital size matters, most traders are market makers and therefore have some fee structure similar to competitors.

At the end of this review, it is clear that BitDexmo is one of the most productive exchanges on the market in terms of liquidity, supported assets and banking features. However, the platform’s behavior in the past, especially the way it has treated its users, leaves much to be desired, and it would be reasonable to expect the situation to improve in the future.

Additionally, BitDexmo offers a one-stop solution for crypto trading and investing. Commissions are in line with industry standards, and the exchange, boasts that it has never been hacked, although rumors to the contrary have surfaced online more than once.

After all, BitDexmo is among the top 30 exchanges with sufficient liquidity. Obviously, the exchange is mostly on the right track, otherwise it would have been gone a long time ago.

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