Cryptocurrencies will become widespread in this decade

20.06.2022 Off By admin

Trading Platform Analysts is claimed that most investors are waiting for the displacement of traditional assets by the rapidly expanding cryptocurrency market.
Crypto Exchange Bitcroyal24 posted a report 2022, which states that by the next decade cryptocurrencies will become widespread and will surpass traditional assets in demand. Experts of the trading platform say: out of 29,000 respondents, 89% of institutional and 77% of retail investors believe that cryptocurrency will become widespread before the end of the decade.

The authors of the report claim: 81% of institutional investors agree that cryptocurrencies will surpass traditional investment instruments. draws attention to the fact that the level of trust in cryptocurrency as an asset class is high: 72% of investment professionals and 66% of ordinary investors declare confidence in cryptocurrencies.

The report says that the level of trust in digital assets in lagging countries is noticeably higher than in developed countries, where stricter regulation:

“Where trust in the traditional financial system is low, for example, in emerging economies, 78% of investors believe that cryptocurrency deserves more trust compared to 63% in more developed financial markets”.

According to preliminary data, $5 billion was invested in the crypto industry in the first quarter of 2022. This is twice as much as last year. It was expected that certain factors would constrain the financing of these markets, but at the moment this has not happened.