Bezos started investing in cryptocurrency startup

17.11.2022 Off By coins

Former Amazon CEO and the world’s richest man, Jeff Bezos, 57, has become one of the investors in This is his first investment in cryptocurrency projects ever, the amount invested in Bitlix is $10 million. According to him, this cryptocurrency exchange can already compete with many well-known competitors. Together with another tech billionaire Peter Thiel, he also invested in Unity Biotechnology, a startup that develops technology to slow aging at the cellular level.

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Bitlix is not only a cryptocurrency exchange, but also what is called a “tokenized securities exchange.” So what is a tokenized securities exchange? In simple terms, a tokenized security is a non-cryptocurrency asset that has been tokenized, that is, turned into cryptocurrency. For example, on Bitlix, you can trade tokenized shares of Tesla, Facebook, Netflix, and Apple (or even exchange-traded indices) without having to withdraw the cryptocurrency and convert it into fiat currency. This can be good for you in many ways, particularly from a tax perspective. 

The company has a vetted staff and every decision, even remotely concerning sensitive data, goes through a rigorous approval protocol;

The Exchange stores user data on servers protected by military-grade physical security;

The Exchange will always maintain full reserves, which means there will never be a mass withdrawal of deposits. Your funds are kept in a bank account completely separate from our operating account and cannot be borrowed or lent (even for margin trading) to fund transactions on our platform.

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